So why did Elroy made a blog anyway?

I can imagine someone out there moments after reading my blog might be taking about me saying “Eh, si Roy atu bah, ada buat blog kali ah!!! cua kau check, nama blognya:“.

Long story short why i made a blog: i want to document my life in a way it’s easier for me and/or people to access.

The actually story is that; We live in a world where we can document our lives in social media that we can put whatever we want in our domain either if it’s ranting in twitter, posting cats and selfies in Instagram to stating opinions in facebook and we’ve come to realized what we put in the internet has an effect most importantly an effect to ourselves thus we began to edit (or omit) what we post online we put the best unblemished edited photos of ourselves in Instagram, we tweet that we’re having a great amazing day ahead of us in Twitter in truth it’s actually not, we share heart warming links and videos in Facebook but yet still remain indifferent in the end of the day.

I have to admit, even I too fall into editing what i portray my life in social media;

My instagram pictures are always on point because it take loads of not-on-point takes, editting apps, a photographer, a couple of nice outfits, an area or place to repeatly doing uncomfortable poses and great timing with the sun on hitting the “Good ligthing” to get it what it is.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

In the past when i was really active in Twitter, I used to tweet a lot (like 40 tweets per day) and knowing that i’ll gain followers due to my tweets and retweets, the more i tweet. And noticed that i’ll gain retweets if i talk something that everyone relates to or low key tweeting passive-agressive things about people that annoys me.

That time i’ve made aprox 20 people retweeting my passive agressive tweets per week to the point that my tweets did affect the people that i low keyed tweeting about to ruins and at that point my tweets was the talk of the school. i was Twitter famous back then but in a bad way, which i knew i had to stop with the passive agressive tweets. Fortunately i did thankully, thus i seldom tweet now fearing that the “Heather Chandler” or the “Regina George” inside of me might come back again.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Being M.I.A in some of my social media due to the twitter epitome, i want to look back throught my social platform not in regret knowing that what i post was a contructed to gain likes or retweet but  looking back so i won’t repeat the same mistake again.

So here i am back again with my social platform active but not like before, i’ll take this new venture as an oppurtunity to create great good things.

One day i’ll be looking back what i’ve blogged to my very first blog post with content knowing that i’ve done great things (good or bad) and able to document it incased that i forgot about it.

I do hope that i can create amazing things throught this new platform and i do hope that you readers enjoy what i make.

Yea. I have a blog. That is all.


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