Breathe, Just Breathe

The moment i debut my blog through my very first blog post at 5:30pm on Saturday via Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter i knew there would a lot of readers reading my post, all of them would be my friends and people who I’ve known and met.

The thought of it alone overwhelms me to the point I didn’t publish it and delay the debut 30 mins late. It took a lot of guts, moxy, courage, wits or whatever you called it to finally publish it.

Mind you, I was in Supersave Coffee Bean when all of this happened. The moment it was published all I did was wait and held myself and clenched the clothes that I was wearing because i finally understood what Anna Nalick‘s “Breathe” lyrics ment.

“And I feel like I’m naked in front of the crowd
Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud”

P_20160507_164754_1.jpgBreathe‘s lyrics was spot on when I was in Coffee Bean. so i did what the song’s Chorus told me to do;


As time passes by, the anxiety went away and excitement rushes in. I waited as it unfolds on how people would react to what I did.

I was smiling and laughing all to myself in CBTL and when I laugh i don’t play around i laugh HARD and LOUD. Pretty sure I’ve received some glances and whispers from the Barista behind the counter and some people in the cafe wondering what I was up to. I had to leave the Cafe because i really can’t contain myself at that point so i went home.

I didn’t open my blog hoping things would died down untill today. I expected approx 15 people would read my blog but surprisingly it was more than what i expected then the feeling nakdness comes back to me.

In the end i did received great comments out for you readers. Which made the feeling of nakedness go away but people do notice that i was blushing when my blog was a topic to talk about. now i’m wondering how does other bloggers get over this feeling? or they sitll do they just dont show it?

So thank you guys, really appreciate for reading! I do hope what I’ve made is enjoyable for you the same as it is enjoyable for me making this blogging thing happen.

I’m still quite new at the blogging scene so some of the features in my blog isn’t functioning yet but hopefully i can manage this blog better in the future.

I do have a lot of things in store for you guys on what to write here so stick around because there’s more things to come!


i want to know what you readers want me to write about. a review? a place? an experience? looking forward to comments and suggestions!



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