SAMI CHRONICLES: The 14-year-old angsty teen

The first time i had my hair shaved off was in Secondary School, 2009. It was the year I went through PMB and the pressure of the Public exam was all i could think of and stressing me out (if  only my younger self knew the stress he’ll experience during A Levels in 2012/2013, i think he’d shut up about complaining or better yet, choose not to go to 6 Form in the first place)

I thought it would be a great idea to dared myself that after I’ve sit through all my papers and be officially done with PMB, I would shave my hair off.

To be honest i was quite reluctant on shaving it all off but the 14-year-old angsty teen inside of my head said to myself: “FUCK IT! JUST DO IT!”

(this two phases was actually the motto I had going on when i was young, looking back i do wish my motto would be less use of bad words which i regret now, but oh well.)

Keeping up the spirit of the Motto, I did what i dared myself to do and asked the Barber to cut all my hair off.

The moment I felt the razor gliding through my scalp reveling half of my head hairless and the other half intact with normal length hair, the 14-year-old angsty teen inside of my head began to scream “wat da fakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Mai hairrrrr”

(this is how I talk when i was 14, prolonged letters in words to convey emphasis)

By looking the state how I head was, there was no turning back at this point. fuck it! just do it! However I began to make sense of in the mist of it all.

1918390_1202081544834_7894814_n.jpg“It’s just Hair. I’ll grow out anyway”
The thought comforted me. From then onwards i didn’t mind that my hair was cut off, i didn’t mind seeiing my hair on the floor because it’s just hair. 

It took me hours finding this picture in Facebook but here i am with all it’s fromer days of glory.

It’s either i own the look and look great with it or forever be called “skinhead” among my friends. I choose to own it, there were some teasing at first but the look began to griw on me.

So from then on i choose to shave my head as an annual thing in the beginning of the year and let it grow till the end of the year. (at the same time, i realized doing this is cost effective; spending less money on hair cuts and hair products)

Lame it may seem but i chose to cut my hair in the beginning of the year as a way of shedding the past of the previous year behind me and the new hair cut representing nothing at all shows a new start at the beginning of the year kind of like the cliché saying “New Year, New Me” (ew, gross. i know) kind of thing.

As i became older i began to realized shaving my hair became a new meaning to me. It became the act of shaving my Pride & Vanity and putting on the look of Humility.

which i’ll explain on my next blog post.



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  1. luenxx says:

    I love your personality that I get a feel of through your posts 😁


    1. Thanks! If you’ve read throught all my blog post and you’ll noticed that im quite new to this blogging thing and was really excited to receive views from foreign countries and the likes and amaze that you actually commented on my blog post. Really greatful for it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. luenxx says:

        I know right? isn’t it so cool to see all the different types of people reading!? anyway, welcome to the world of blogging~ you’ll do awesome😉


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