FOOD FINDS: Taman Raudah’s Beach Cafe

Few days ago, a friend & I decided to eat at Taman Raduah’s Beach Cafe which i heard positive comments about the eatery from the Brunei Time’s article and from a few of my friend who were talking about it so I guessed why not i try the eatery out since it’s close to where i live.

The Directions

Since it was quite a new place to begin with, word of mouth and the geo location of the place from my friends who’ve ate there was all I could count on.



If you are familiar with the Neighbourhood in Pandan then it is quite easy to navigate once you know where Masjid Kampong Pandan is based on the picture above. On further clarification on where it is, Using Jalan Singa Menteri towards Kb town turn right to Jalan Pandan tujoh looking at the Pandan Mosque in front of you. Then using the roundabout, turn to Simpang 363-29 and pass by the Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka Pandan 7


Continuing using the Simpang 363-29 route till you see the Restaurant sign attached to the Simpang 363-29- 27 post sign then turn to your right. Keep an eye on the signs that they post in the area to lead you where the restaurant is because the direction signs are quite small to the drivers view when driving. Once seen these signs it will lead you to Taman Raudah’s Beach Cafe.

The Place

The place looks amazing! They really do put an effort on making it look like you’re going to a hut that’s placed in the beach.


Although it’s an outdoor cafe thanks to the electrical fans they installed the place doesn’t feel warm or stuffy yet not too windy just perfect enough to feel you are outside like you are at the beach (just minus the mosquitoes)




regarding on ordering, just like ordering food in a fast food chain like Burger King or Jolibee, the Cafe took the same concept. You have to go to the cashier area where there will be the menu on the ordering counter. After ordering, payment then made on spot before eating your meal.


Instead of giving out a number card to place on our table for the waiters to know where the food should go, instead they would give you a wooden plank with your name written on it which i find very odd yet interesting add to the beach themed Cafe.

P_20160514_183454 (1).jpg

The furniture of the place was either made of wooden pallets and food crates or washed off wooden logs which they found on the beach.


The use of the wooden pallets as a chandelier deco for the Cafe.




The Food

The Cafe servers typical normal food that any local Brunei would always see in every local restaurant/cafe in Brunei. However, what stands out was that the food severed was slightly generous in our plates.


Beside the rice they give almost half of the chicken that comes with it was given on a separate plate. By looking what I’ve ordered you know the meal was worth to come back and order again.

Not only did the Chicken looked great, the taste was too. I can tasted the chicken was marinated well, it was not too salty where you can enjoy it the chicken alone without the rice yet flavourful when eaten with rice. interesting enough, my chicken was juicy which I assumed it was going dry thinking that it was ayam bakar where the juice would be evaporated due to the cooking but wasn’t the case for my order.


A friend of mine ordered The Roasted Rice. the food portion was quite standard and they do give quite a generous of the broth. Personally the Chicken and the broth served was too salty for my tongue to enjoy but when pared with the rice, the dish as a whole was delightful. If you’re not a fan of salty food like me and would still like to try this dish out, it’d be better to pour the browth into the rice to drown the saltness away.

The Price

The Ayam Bakar ($4.50) + Iced Lemon Tea ($1.50) = $6.00

The Roasted Chicken Rice ($3.00) + Iced Lemon Tea ($1.50) =$4.50

Altogether $10.50

I’d say i have no problem on paying what I’ve got.

My thoughts

Upon looking at the Cafe’s Food Menu, I’ve noticed they left a whole page dedicated for Ambuyat which i have a feeling ambuyat is their specialty and further look at the place they have a small hut called Pondok Ambuyat where guest could enjoy their meals eating the traditional way; eating crossed legged on the hut’s floor. The next time i would like to try out their Ambuyat under the Pondok Ambuyat with my friends.


Overall, it’s a great place to hang out and eat with friends if you don’t mind hanging out in the open outdoors. The place looks great with a great idea of making it look like a Beach place with Wooden pallets and the place looks amazingly cool at night. The food is nice and would make anyone come back with the generous portion that they gave and the price is true to the food given.

Personally I do plan to come back and bring more friends to eat out and try this place.





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