Today, lets talk about skin. Most specifically what we do (or don’t do) to our skin and emphasise the steps to take care of one’s skin.



Above is a picture of me. My skin might not be 100% blemish-free but i do believe my skin looks healthy and is healthy because i take care of my skin 24/7. I believe everyone should take care of their skin; Men & Women, Boys & Girls. 

In this post I’ll be talking more about Caring for your skin thus Skincare and I’ll be talking about my daily Skincare product routine soon.

First things first: SLEEP



If you were given $100 and ask to use all of it and give back the remainder at the end of the day. Would you use the minimum amount given or the most? Obviously, you’d use the most of the $100.

Similarly, hours of sleep should be utilized, the average person should get 6 – 8 hours of sleep. The effects of adequate amount (or lack) amount of sleep shows in your face. Frankly, getting the right amount of sleep for some of us is a challenge due to work & assignments and binge watching series and movies late at night. However, having a strict 6-8 hours of sleep schedule is what you have to pick up and get used to if you want that healthy looking skin.

Moving on to the next one would be: HYDRATION (DRINK WATER)



Did you know that the amount of wather percentage in our body is approx 60% ~55%? That means more than half of our body is water and is essential of our well-being both the internal parts of our body and external parts of our body; our skin.

If you’re the type of person don’t own a water bottle to carry with you, it’s time to start buying one. Preferable a big one so you don’t have to constantly fill it or any size you prefer.

Maybe you’re (like me) the type of person who don’t come across of drinking water through out the day because you forget or too busy then there’s an app of your solution! It’s called: WATER YOUR BODY

Personally this drinking water reminder app is the best. You can customize the app reminder system to riminder how frequent you want it to remind you through out the whole day to finish the water goal based on one’s weight.

It also has variety of water amount sizes to choose from: the more the amount of water you drink the closer you are to achieve your daily goal



what makes this app great is that it personally cares for your daily water intake, either it informs you should drink more water by telling so or it informs you not to drink too much water if you exceed the prescribed water goal given and tells you to not to drink too much in one go and reminds that you can drown if you drink too much.

the app also records on you water intake through a line graph daily, weekly or annual.

although this app might not be available in Brunei for no sort of reason however you could download it if you’re out station of Brunei (which i did) or there’s also similar app however the Water you body is the best one I’ve used and experience so far.

The next one would be: EXERCISE & EAT CLEAN




It’d be wrong of me not to include the important factor of healthy living that is exercise and eating healthy.

excesise! no many how many times people stress about his is because it’s true. It’s simple as this: When we excersis we sweat. When we sweat, we’re getting rid of the toxins out from our body. Which means it’s good for you and your skin. No matter what what kind of excersis it is, as long as it keeps you moving and let all that sweat out.

Tip on improving your skin is by eating loads of fruit especially Papayas! I’ve heard this tip from a friend/blogger: Nisa W in her blog on how to get flawless skin by telling her beauty secret

Not only have having a healthy looking skin is important however actually being healthy is much-needed.


This segment alone has a lot of things to cover, from different skin types to an array of products goes along with it thus i will leave this to the amazing SOKO GLAM‘s Blog to talk about the famous Korean 10-step skincare routine. It will tell you all that you need to know and start on this effective skincare routine.

“Skin care is super personal, so whatever the number of steps you take in your skin care routine, it’s all about what works best for you.” – Soko Glam

You don’t have to exactly follow all ten, what’s important is: Cleanser, Toner, Treatment and moisturizer because it takes more than just a cleanser to solve you skin problem and make up just covers it but not solving the problem.

I do hope this write-up is interesting to some and is beneficial to anyone who wants to have amazing skin.

I’d love to share more on anything related to skincare and will be writing on my Day & Night Skincare routine soon.



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