It’s been more than a year that I’ve live in Beribi, Bandar and never have i knew that there’s a burger shack in my Neighbourhood area untill today. obviously i have to try this out.

I mean who doesn’t love a good burger that’s close to your area right?

The Direction

Firstly, I’m not good with directions and finding the place alone doesn’t help and I’m really thankful that there’s a geo location of the eatery on their Instagram post.

The Shack is deep inside the Beribi neighborhood, using the main road Jalan Gadong passing by the Volkswagen car show and Starbuck Beribi, do keep an eye in Simpang 456 post sign on your left. once spotted slow down because it’s going to be a shape turn to the left. Still eyeing on the left looking for simpang 456 – 25, turn left to the designated route.

Next, this is where i assume why and how Top Folk got its name. The place is actually at the top of a very tall hill. Driving to the top of a steep hill is no fun for a driver who owns a manual car like me and having a couple of passengers with me doesn’t help in this situation. So lesson learned from me and if you want to go with your friend/family do drive an Auto Car.

Once at the top you will spot a small blue porta cabin at the back of an owner’s house that is Top Folk.


The Place

The Place looks straight forward. There’s a shack where you order your burgers and drinks and there’s table and chairs provided for customers to eat.





With the fairy lights hanging on the trees Top Folk is great hang-out spot for a small group of friends or could be an ideal date go to.P_20160516_194926.jpg



The Food


The fries were nothing out of the blue, it’s the crispy fries that we normally know and love to eat sprinkled with salt and pepper. However the burger was a different story.

As we sank our teeth into our burgers, the two of my friends and i got silent and all of us got one thing in mind when we ate the burger. It was no doubt it was good but what made it great was because it was juicy.

We were really quite surprise how the burgers went as we continued eating. Personally, it’s quite rare for me to find homemade burgers to hold its shape through out when eating because homemade patty burgers normally separates or shrink when cooked and crumbles apart one bites into it. However this burger does not.

Furthermore, the burger is juicy with every bite which i also find rare in homemade patty burgers because it normally shrinks into size and dries up which again this burgers doe not have.

The Burger patty was perfectly cooked and succulent, adding Top Folk’s Top sauce adds more flavour to the burger and lastly the crunchy lettuce and the toasted buns balance it out with the patty creating an amazing burger.

After eating Top Folk’s burgers, The Burger Shack does deserve the word “Top” in Top Folk as part of its name.


The Price



Burgers range from $4 to less than $7 whereas fries cost from $1 to $1.50.


My thoughts

Without a doubt, i would come back to eat Top Folk’s Burgers omitting out the fries from my order in the future.

Eating Top Folk’s Burger’s was great from start to finish.

I do look forward for more Food choices from Top Folk’s Menu. Also hope there would be more Tables and Chairs to accommodate more customers because their burgers is worth to sit down and savour.





If you still want to try their burgers but the distance is not worth it because you live in KB/Seria.



I’ll be coming to the event around 6pm and hoping to meet some of you guys here in the collective event this Sunday. If you do spot me in the crowd do say hi!!!


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