My Night Skincare Routine.

If there is a morning skincare routine then there is no doubt there would be a night skincare routine.

Koreans mean business when it comes to skin care, and their 10-step skin care routine is no exception. Before adopting their skincare routine i started slow with the basic 3 steps: Cleanse, Toner, moisturizer then upon knowing the whole 10 i went full throttle and adopt it into my life like Angelina Jolie adopts a child into hers.

To an outsiders looking in, the “Crazy Skincare routine” might be too extreme and only familiar with the cleansing step and never beyond. However, like every mother while shoving their children with food they never ate: “Just try it, You might like it!”

Step 1: Oil Cleanser.

Most of the time getting rid of the dirt, make up, and anything your face has picked up through out the day with your normal cleanser doesn’t do the job on fully cleaning your face. you’ve got to get rid all of it by using an Oil Cleanser.

What an Oil Cleanser does it melts the make up away from you skin and also gets to remove seabum settling in your pores. Using an adequate amount and massage the oil cleanser into your face and you’ll start to feel small bits of dirt,white heads and black heads removed from your pores that has settled throughout the day. You can take this opportunity to have a facial massage because this can increases blood circulation, which equals brighter skin. Wash the cleanser away with luke warm water.

Personally, I like to use natural ingredients or products that uses natural ingredients, going to the kitchen and grabbing The Virgin Olive Oil is a cheap alternative that i find useful but an odd one when you find a cooking ingredient in the toilet. (Just make sure to put the olive oil back in the kitchen)

If you’re not a fan of Olive Oil as an oil cleansing step, you could try the Banila Co. Clean It Zero Classic the most sought after oil cleansing product in the skincare community.

Banila Co. Clean it Zero. it just a small amount it’s able to melt away water proof make up & mascara.

although it’s not sold in Brunei’s store but you can but t online or find it Brunei’s Skincare ig Online stores like  _SarangKorea & ShawInBeautyHaven which i will soon buy due to it’s amazing review and worthy hype.

Step 2: Water Based Cleaner

The Oil Cleanser melts away the make up & impurities that has settled into the face. The water based cleanser (The cleanse that we all know and familiar with) rinse away the oil cleanser residue leaving the face clean and ready for the face for the next step.

IMG_0710 (2).JPG
Face Shop Mung Bean Cleansing Foam Suitable for oily to combination skin types

Oddly, i have two different cleanser, The Clean & Clear Pimple clearing face wash that i use in the morning to prevent potential breakout throughout the day and Face Shop Mung Bean Cleansing Foam during the night-time that thoroughly cleans away the face has accumulated.

Step 3: Exfoliate

After the ‘double cleansing’ the face it’s time to get rid of dull dead skin by exfoliating and (lightly) scrubbing the face bringing it back to its smooth & youthful looking skin. Only doing the exfoliating step up to twice a week.

Gently scrub the product onto the face focusing more on the T-zone area (Nose & Forehead) and cheek. If product is too grainny do add a bit of water to prevent the irritation.

Skin Food Strawberry Black Sugar Mask Wash Off.

Skin Food’s Black Sugar Mask Wash off is the star product to look after and it’s no surprise it’s sought after in stores worldwide and sold out if you were to find it in Brunei’s & Miri’s Skin Food outlets. I have no choice but to settle to the next best product, The Strawberry Black Sugar Mask Wash off.

Similar to the star product but with strawberry seed oil added to the mix. It has a sweet strawberry scent. At one point it smell like the artificial strawberry that you’d always get when buying strawberry candies yet also has the natural strawberry as well.


Like the star product, upon applying you can feel actual sugar grains exfoliating your skin leaving you soft and smooth skin after washing. The sugar will soon dissolves as you massage it onto your face, so as to not cause too much damage from over exfoliating.

What makes this product amazing is the dual function. it also functions as a leave in mask let it set 5 – 10 mins then washing it off revealing soft healthy skin.

Step 4: Toner.

Body Shop Tea Tree Toner. Aplying a small amount into a cotton pad and wipe the whole face & neck

Step 5: Essence

Missha Treatment Essence. sprinkling this onto the palm then lightly tap the miraculous water onto face. The essence could give a major boost to the skin making it smoother & hydrated.

Step 6: Treatment – Serum

Face shop Pore Tightening serum. Pumping once then pating the product onto face like the essence.

Step 7: Face Mask

Face Mask upon face Mask!!

Just like there are many different kinds of flavored lollipops there are many different types of face mask you could choose, from basic ones like green tea & blue berries to weird ones like Snail Mucus & Placenta giving the dream skin that you desire.

Applying this step one or twice a week. The face mask step is a great time to kick back and relax while it does the work for you when you lay down and rest for 20 – 30 mins

After removing the sheet mask you will notice a hydrating and plum youthful skin with no doubt once trying this step you will be addicted to try more different kinds of sheet mask. (this step is where the skincare addiction starts)

Step 8: Eye Cream

Did you know the thinnest skin around out body is our face and the thinnist skin around our face is the skin around our eye? This part of the facial area is most prone to skin damage thus need extreme care and avoid rubbing the eye area as it could cause sagging and dark circles in the area.

Sadly, i do not have an eye cream product (because eye cream are really expensive to buy) however i do apply my moisturizer on my eye area.

If you are interested on the eye cream step the Etude House Moistful Super Collagen Eye Concentrate is a great eye cream to try out.

Etude House Moistful Super Collagen Eye Concentrate. Small yet effective. But expensive.

Step 9: Moisturizer or Sleeping Pack.

After all the steps you’ve been through and before getting a shut-eye it’s time to seal all the benefits the skincare products by putting on the last one, moisturizer or once or twice a week substitute the mosturizer with a sleeping pack and wake up with your skin full of hydration the next day.

During normal days, i apply Etude’s Skin Mal:gem moisturizer. the consistency is very thick which is a perfect moisturizer for the night routine. However, i’m not a fan of the perfume scent.

Etude’s Skin Mal:gem moisturizer. Despite the perfume scent its perfect night time moisturizer.

When i know a skincare product has a perfume scent it leaves me worried because i am also putting a chemical perfume onto my face which could be potentially bad. So far i have not experience any problem with the mosturizer however i am eager to move on to a different non scented one as soon as this one is finish.

On special day when i switch my moisturizer for a sleeping pack i take out The Face Shop Collagen Pomegranate Pack.

IMG_0718 - Copy - Copy (2).JPG
Face Shop Collagen Pomegranate Pack.

Done and say hello to flawless and dewy skin!

Again, to outsiders looking into the Korean 10 Step skincare routine, it might be intimidating due to the series of steps involved and the time it takes. However, the reason why i took the skin regime is because how therapeutic it is as i pamper myself for the night, its like an everyday spa for yourself by yourself.

If you are interested on taking up the routine however not ready for the full 10 step, it’s ok. “Skin care is super personal, so whatever the number of steps you take in your skin care routine, it’s all about what works best for you.” – SokoGlam.

If you are still skeptic in the regime or too lazy to opt for it, the least important thing you should do is to clean you face every night before going to sleep. Sleeping with your make up is the ultimate sin and sleeping with a dirty face could harbour bacteria and cause ance and breakouts.


If you are interested in buying korean skincare products however they are not sold in Brunei you could find what you need from   _SarangKorea & ShawInBeautyHaven or CathyDollBrunei if you’re intrested in Korean Make up. Furthermore, if you want to know more reviews on skincare products i would totally recommend you guys to go to Finn W’s Instagram and Blog or Nisa W’s Instagram and Blog !


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