Binging on Bibimbap

With exams, assignments piling up and work and deadlines are dawning us. As a stress relief, my friends and i decided to go to Miri for a short getaway; a karaoke session in Permaisuri City Mall, Miri.

When reaching to our destination we’ve thought of all the songs we could belt out on the top of our lungs in the K-Box. However, before that, we decided to eat at a Korean restaurant called Seoul Garden on the top floor in Permaisuri City Mall. The restaurant has two division a buffet area and a hot pot area. Since we wanted to go all korean we went with the Hot Pot.


Before entering, i was glad that the whole menu showing the food and the price was put outside the eatery for customers to choose from. For a person who was low on cash that time, i wouldn’t want to sit in a restaurant and upon realizing he had to leave knowing the food was above the budget. However, that wasn’t the case the food was affordable and one dish is more than enough for one.

The hot pot menu showing Korean dishes from Japchae and hotpots to Bibimbap to Hot Plates.
The tables were moveable thus was able to cater to all 10 of us.

The Soul Harden Hot Pot restaurant did kept true to its name, the pots are hot and i learned that the hard way.

Upon positioning this Instagram worth food pic, i held the Bibimbap Bowl without thought and received a blistering surprise.

So word of caution, do be aware the hot plates are indeed hot.

Keeping true to being full on Korean, most of us ordered the most korean dish we could though of: Bibimbap.

Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap

It’s was a first time on eating Bibimbap so i decided to follow the K-Food wave and ordered the Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap which cause 15RM (3BND).

The word “Bibimbap” literally means “mixed rice”.

Before dining into the food,  Gochujang (chili pepper paste) was given as a side dish and were asked if we wanted to mix it in with our bibimbap. Taking the full on korean experience we agreed nevertheless.

Thinking that the Gochujang was just another chili paste like Sambal that we know and love, it was wasn’t. It was spicy. 

i don’t know if it’s just me but i was pearling with sweat while eating the Bibimbap with the Gochujang

Korean food are known to be spicy and the Gochujang was no exception. thinking that the spiciness would be drowned when mixed with the bibimbap. It wasn’t. like a spread the spicyness was consistent throughout the rice mix.

If you’re a fan of spicy food and want to experience a serious spicy chili kick, i recommend the Bibimbap mixed with the chili paste.

So another word of caution, spicy korean dish are indeed spicy.

If you have a spice tolerance, the bibimbap was quite enjoyable. The Bibimbap has a soft texture after mixing yet there was small bits of chunchyness when chewing into the food thanks to the intensely heated bowl which creates some of the rice crusted which i find personally an interesting taste.

The food portion was more than enough for me upon realizing i was only able to finish half of what the bowl provided. For a huge bowl of meal that cost 15Rm (3Bnd) it was a total money saver.

Overall, i would try this food place again and lesson learned, I’ll be modest on the Spicy Chili Paste next time or would try out their Hot Pot or Japchae dishes.

After that, all of us went to what we actually came for a 2 hour of KARAOKE.

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