Food Finds: Margherita Pizzeria.

Upon hearing there was a newly opened Pizzeria in Mata – Mata, i was overjoyed that it gave me another opportunity to write another FOOD FINDS write-up and obviously i got to try the place out because PIZZA.


The Direction.

No. 5, Block A, Scout Complex, Jln Gadong, Kg Mata-Mata

If you ever been to BIBD Tamwil or to Super Save Mata Mata, it is impossible to miss the pizzeria with a huge pizza pie vibrantly painted across the wall with the name of the eatery’s name across it.



The Place.

Other than the huge pizza wall art, there was another gigantic wall art across it. Literally it was out of this world.IMG_1074.JPG

Ordering was quite straight forward, kind of like ordering food in a fast food chain. You order the choice of pizza on the counter and pay after it. Also, your choice of pizza may come in 3 different sizes to your liking. (13″, 15″, 17″)


The place was efficient as well, from asking for a pizza box for take away to the plates and utensils was self-service and you could take the drinks right out of the fridge and pay it on the counter then.IMG_1129.JPG

Service was fast, the pizza were made on customers’ sight and within 15 mins thanks to the conveyor belt oven, your pizza’s done!

A little heads up: the pizzeria is relatively new so it’s no surprise the place might be pack in the evening and its wise to book a table or two if you were planing to eat there as a group. The staff was so nice to notify us when there was an empty table available when we didn’t book a table. Which i would like to say thank you to them.

The Food

Being new to the whole scene, we ordered what was the recent best, so it’s either the Buffalo wings Pizza, or the Brunei Classic Honey Garlic Chicken Pizza. We wanted to be rebellious and went with the Bufflo Wings Pizza 13″.

ordering a 13″ Pizza is sufficient for two people.

Just like my previous FOOD FINDS: Binging on Bibimbap, the BuffloWings pizza was spicy. The green jalapenos in the pizza really does give a peppery kick, i couldn’t help but to slow down on the munching and grabbing a tissue to wipe the sweat off my forehead.

The Pizza was nicely made, you’ll get every piece with every bite and was hoping to pay another $19 for another pizza. If you’re searching for another spicy dish, the buffalo Wings Pizza would be it.

As for me, i should have a rest on the spicy food i’ve encounter and hope to dig into a sweeter taste palate like the notable Honey Garlic Chicken or the Sweet Hawaii Pizza the next time i’m there.


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  1. Tamara says:

    yummm! Looks delicious!


    Tamara –


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