PLACES || Borneo Tropical Rainforest, Lambir, Miri.

About a week ago during the last 3 days of the Hari Raya Holidays. The Youths decided to have a Retreat/Gate Away To Borneo Tropical Rainforest deep in Lambir, Miri.

I’ll try to minimize the words and let the pictures (and the captions) do all the talking.

Some (Most actually) of the photos here were taken by my friends who joined the Retreat.

Day 1

The Arrival: more than 100km away from Miri Town, it was a long trip to the resort.


in a group of 30 people we chose the hostel with the bunk beds to accommodate all of us.


NOt camera ready but on the very first day, We had a tour on the whole resort by cart and boat

The Resort had everything to its providence and food supply, from fruits farms growing Dragon Fruits and Passion fruits to animal farm ranching lambs and chickens.

It was such a surprise that the resort is bigger than we expected, so huge it was hard to believe the lake we travel by boat to see Catfish feeding was actually a man-made lake.



continuing the tour, we went to the waterfall area inside the rain forest.


The sight of the waterfall and the clear water was amazing, it’s not everyday you get to see this kind of things.


Midway through the tour at 3pm, we decided to recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet while walking into the Jungle. and it was the best experience we’ve made.

Reciting the Divine Mercy Prayer in the mist of nature and the songs echoes and fills the jungle was overwhelming and it gave us the opportunity to appreciate the nature that God gave us.

After the tour, we went to have lunch in one of the resorts cafe. Funny enough, they named the cafe based on an American TV series: One Tree Hill.


The food was great and no complains throughout the retreat whatsoever.

Just a heads up, the resorts has a lot of stairs. So many, where ever we go, climbing series of steps is a norm in the resort. From going to the lobby area or to the eating area, it’s impossible to escape the stairs and work up our legs.


After the tour and lunch we had loads of free time in our hands and being a hot day that time, we went to the resort’s water park.


The water slide was a thrill inducer, it was tall and it felt amazing feeling the adrenalin rush.

At night, instead having dinner at One Tree Hill, we ate at the 2nd floor at the chalet area. Even the sight of the eating area was aesthetically pleasing. it seems like everywhere we went, everything looks nice.



The resort does have wifi, bad wifi that is. Maybe it was to far from the city and has bad reception, however i like to believe the bad wifi was on purpose to prevent us from using our tech and go out doing something worthwhile in the resort.


Day 2

This is where all the fun starts.

On the morning of the second day, we went jungle tracking.

a few of us went to the extreme and chose the 3rd track, thinking 4KM is not that long. We were wrong, lesson learnt there’s a diffrent between a 4km walk in a plain feild and a 4km tracking in a jungle.

No going back once joining the 4km tracking but we survived eventually.

Right after the Afternoon lunch, we tried all the activities the resort has to offer. All the activites was thrilling and it made us did what we’ve never able to do: Confront our fears and overcome it.

the wall climbing looks innocent but the higher you go the fear of falling kicks. it’s either Fight and climb to the top or Flight where you let go and decent slowly to the bottom.

the flying fox was next, although some of us were afraid of heights but “YOLO” got the better of us and were able to confront our fear and it was the best decision we had.



To some the fear of heights was one thing but the fear of water is another thing. Some of us did kayaking and sure enough those who were afraid of water dived into their fears with one another.


it got me realizing, even with the fear of heights and water, we were able to overcome it because we went through it together.


we couldn’t get enough of the water park so we went for another swim.


All activities was closed 6 pm onwards and the remaining time we had our own time out with the conference room the resort has provided.


The second night was the last night all of us would be in the resort so we had a grand dinner and Karaoke night in the One Tree Hill. I must admit the One Tree Hill was beautiful, it’s like looking at exotic place that you’d only see in ads and movies.





the food was amazing and filled our stomach to our hearts content.



We packed our bags and took our last meal as the retreat which all comes to an end on the last day in the resort. we took our last group picture by the canopy tree and off we went back to the city life.


Overall, The retreat was quite eventful and if you’re interested to see more photos of what we did you can see more pictures here in this two links: (1)  (2)



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