Before I Leave to Kraków, Poland.

If you were to ask me exactly last year 2015 if i were to be going to World Youth Day (WYD) Krakow this 2016 i wouldn’t reply you because saying the audible “No” breaks my heart knowing that i couldn’t go and all i could reply was with a small glitter of hope with “In God’s will, i hope i could.”





Not knowing that God; The one who made the whole universe and could make all things possible and took the glitter of hope i’ve said and made it possible.

Fast forward to 2016

Now here i am just a few more days till my pilgrimage trip to Poland. Where i’ll be in the land where St. Pope John Paul ii was born and raised.


“I’m going to Poland, St. Pope John Paul ii’s homeland.”

The thought of that I’m going to the country of the man whom i looked up to since i was 14, the man who literally changed my life because of his book: Theology of the body, the man if not because of him, i wouldn’t be in the Catholic Church, the man who i loved to talk about and fill me with joy and hope inside brings me to tears is very surreal which leads me thinking:

How could a sinner like me be given the blessing of this opportunity?

Out of many people God could listen why would he listens to me and wants me to go where i want to go but am not worthy to go due to my sins and unlawful actions?

I do not deserve this blessing He gave me nor His time that he would give to listen to my prayers. I’ve wrestled all the reasonable explanation i could think of that i should not go. All the doubts that I’ve accepted that could convince me not to go.

“You will never understand if you don’t believe because in believing you will finally understand”

Yet, here i am. Where God wants me (even with my fault) to experience His merciful Grace out of pure unconditional love to give me the opportunity to come back to Him, if the Creator of the universe wants me to experience His love then with obedience I accept.

In acceptance i understand His Mercy.

God is true to this words no matter what. Romans 5:8 “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”. He loves us not only because we are good, Even in sin he still show His love for us (Thus, the meaning Unconditional love).  He wants to loves us because He is love. 1 John 4:8.

The saying “if there is a will, there is a way.” seems insufficient or not clearly justified. It’d be fitting if it goes:

“If your will is in accord with God’s will, there is a way”

Remember, the same breathe that God used in creation is the same breath he gave to Adam to breath life into him. And thus, this is the same breath that is living in you, so use it to pray.

The Same God who made The Heavens and the Earth out of nothing but His Words, is the same God who listens to our hearts and prayers. Never neglect Prayer and most importantly never doubt that God is not listening to you.



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  1. He knows the desires of our heart !!

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