9 Face Mask Review

Face sheet masks are perfectly used after you’ve done your cleansing and soothing your skin with toner first. About 15~20 minutes of using the mask, take off and pat your face lightly. Face masks are to be used 2-3 times a week and it took me quite awhile to use all the kinds of face mask from different skincare brands for me to experience to finally write this face mask review.


Secret Key: SYN-AKE Anti Wrinkle face pack9pcs-secret-key-syn-ake-wrinkle-mask-pack-sheet-b873a1620afc5a732a901e34ea42cc3f.jpg

This face pack by Secret Key is perfect for those aging skin types as well as those who wants a firming complexion. it tackles on intensive wrinkle care, skin elasticity improvement, brightening, and moisturizing.

Do not be alarmed with the term “Syn-ake” the product does not have anything related to do with snakes whatsoever. It is a kind of peptide that has similar structure to snake poison, this product helps reducing skin aging by treating both fine and deep wrinkles.

The mask does feel tingly when i applied it to my face maybe it’s the Syn-nake peptide doing its magic on the skin. After application, my face does felt smoother and brighter however i could not judge on the firming and wrinkling part since i am still in my youth. Maybe the firming and wrinkle care results could be obviously seen on a person who has such skin concern. Overall, this face mask is a good go for those who are in need of that youthful look again.

A local Bruneian skincare IG: skincareshawlnbeautyhaven provide suck amazing korean skincare products and more if you are interested in buying such product!

Innisfree It’s real Squeeze face mask Kiwi.

10127_lalthough Brunei does not have an Innisfree store but I am a such a fan of innisfree skincare product and i am glad there are Bruneian IG retailers selling these products online.

This mask promises “Refreshing moisture squeezed from kiwis for skin that’s smooth and clean.”  technically what a generic face mask would normally do.

The mask has a really mild natural smell of kiwi which is nice, and it goes away pretty quickly after you put it on. The substance is more milky instead of transparent, sort of like a lotion kind of feel. I left it on for about 20 mins and it felt really cooling throughout. There was still plenty of substance left on inside the mask, which i’ve used to moisturize my arms and neck.

The best thing about this mask is that its sticks to the face VERY WELL, i was even able to walk around the room to test how well it sticks to the face because face mask normally slides off if you are in an upright position.

Innisfree It’s real Squeeze face mask Rose.


Similar to the Kiwi one, it adheres to the face quite well and would leave your skin moisturized and radiant however not as great as i expected solely due to its perfumed rose scent.

Personally, i am not a fan of any skincare product that puts perfume into its product because it is solely perfumed chemical which has no benefits to the skin whatsoever. The Face mask was moisturizing however the smell lingers throughout the whole time i wore it and was not able to enjoy using it.

If you like rose scented face mask, give this one a go however if you have sensitive skin perfumed face mask like this could lead to breakout and redness.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay mask

10002_lAlready seeing great results from the Capsule Clay wash-off mask, i was looking forward for this number one selling Innisfree product. Upon application, it was smooth like butter and did not feel any sandy bits.

A little goes a long way as a small amount was able to cover my whole forehead and the temples and i make sure i apply it mostly in my T-zone area where seabum and pores normally occurs.

It dries quite quickly within 5 mins however it does not dries up to the point of cracking and flaking and does not dries up the skin. Instead, it moisturizer my skin. which i find very ironic and surprising at the same time.

After washing it off, I didn’t notice any difference with my pores but some of the redness in my skin is gone.

The great thing about this product is that it leaves my skin mattified the whole day. If you’re the oily skin type like me and is looking for a product to solve this problem, this is the one! to fully utilised this product use this product on your morning routine and enjoy the rest of your day outside worry and oily face free!

Face Shop: Collagen Pomegranate pack

IMG_0718 - Copy - Copy (2).JPG

Just like Innisfree Rose face mask,this sleeping pack by the face shop which i have mentioned before in my night time routine has that perfumed scent, not as strong as the Rose however a lingering scent I’m not a fan as well.

The product helps to revitalize and firm skin and contains collagen which help in skin’s elasticity. Like Secret Key Syn-ake face mask this is perfect for aging skin types. Upon applying it has this tingling feeling which i guess the product doing its magic however it does noting much result to me as my skin.

Face Shop: Black Yeast Peel off mask.

IMG_0718 - Copy - Copy (3).JPG

Just like pore strips for the nose this is similar like it but for the whole face! This peel off mask has a funky smell which i am not surprised because it contains black yeast and sesame seeds however the smell does not bother me as much. It has a pale brown colour and a slimy texture.

Upon application it’s quite hard to spread due to its thick viscosity. Applying can get very sticky and messy and it starts to solidifies the moment it comes out of the product, careful not to spread it onto your eyebrow and hair area or else peeling it off will result to some of your eyebrow hair to be pulled off. After applying it will harden & tighten your skin and you will look like a glazed plastic mannequin.

After 20 mins peeling it off is the fun part, its like you’re a snake shedding its skin and reveling a new clean face free of white heads and dead skin. For those people who love to peel off and remove white heads & black heads this is an effective product to use.

Face shop: Red Ginseng Real Nature Mask

the face shop real nature red ginseng sheet mask (2).jpg

With its new design packaging it looks much more premium than the previous pakaging design. I’ve used almost all the faceshop real Nature Mask however the Ginseng particularly sticks out to me to review about it.

Upon opening the packaging the strong smell of Ginseng is the first to reach to your senses before you look and reached into to get the mask. although the strong pungent Ginseng was present however it didn’t bother me as i was excited to use it because Ginseng does have revitalizing benefits to the skin.

Unlike any other mask that is normally white, this mask was red-brown due to the Ginseng essence that it is drenched with. it has a cooling feeling upon applying which i find very pleasant and soothing. This is perfect for a nigh time mask and provides the face a fresh clear complexion the next day. This mask is great for those who need a pick me up on their tired skin.

If you’re a fan of traditional herbs and medicine turnt into a fack mask this try this on! If you are not a fan of strong pungent smell like Ginseng this not for you however the Avocado Mask in the Real Nature line is a great one and worth a try.

Skin Food: Black Sugar Strawberry mask Wash Off


On first glance of the scrub looks like strawberry jam. It even has little strawberry seeds and it smells like strawberry jam as well. although actual food ingredients are put into their skincare but don’t eat it! its food for your skin thus the brand is called Skin Food. The label in the product even states not to eat and taste the product. I tried eating it once, it didn’t turn out well.

At first this is an exfoliation product mention also in my night time routine that have real sugar granules that removes dead skin however it could be a dual function as a leave in mask are applying it onto the face.

If you find the Skinfood Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask to be abrasive & irritating to the skin, it’s worth noting that this strawberry version is gentler than the original. Just like the original it exfoliates effectively. The sugar help to brighten and nourish the skin. Like the original counter part it is worth the hype and cult skincare favorite.

Skin Food: Black Sugar mask Wash Off

Bought this face scrub form another Bruneian Korean Skincare IG: cathydollbrunei

A Cult favorite in the Skincare world for a couple of years now. Quite abrasive when applying onto the skin which adding a bit of water help lessen the abrasion. It truly does what it claim to promise what it does which is always a good reason to re purchase the wash off mask.

In the other hand the smell is what i have a problem with. It have a lemon scent to it and personally i quite like the smell of lemon or anything citrus, but this mask’s scent was so artificial it smell like the lemon lime dish cleaning soap.

Besides the artificial perfume lemon smell, the black sugar wash off mask is still quite great

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  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve heard the hydrogel sheet masks from innisfree are great. I bought some but have yet to try them.

    The skin food mask is nice, have you tried the rice wash off from them? I like that one a tad better. ☺️✨


    1. Been wanting to get my hands on a hydro gel mask but could find any in the stores where i am. hopfully i can find some soon!
      haven’t tried the rice washoff mask yet. how is it? i hope it doen’t have a perfumed smell.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bella says:

    Lovely post! I currently have the Skinfood Black Sugar Mask on my face lol I wrote a couple of posts on masks and skincare in general do check it out if you’re interested Xx


  3. Michelle says:

    The rice mask feels a bit less granular, and from what I remember it had a pleasant smell. 🙂


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