Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack

It is without a doubt i am a skincare product junkie. And today, i’ll be reviewing on Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack that a friend of my bought while she was traveling in Singapore.

Korean skincare packaging is an innovation in itself and I find the Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack quite interesting!  It is packaged in such a way that it looks like a coffee capsules that you’d find in cafe’s Coffee machines.

Each capsule can be used for 2 -3 application and cost BND3 each. Each capsule have a cap where you can put it into the slit for safe keeping for next application. However, while Innisfree says these packaging are resealable, by sliding the cover film through the slit in actually they are really not. I find this as a con because each pack can be used at least 4 times and i wouldn’t want the product to dry out or to be contaminated before i able to finish using it. To actually seal the product i used some tape to seal it completely.

Jeju Volcanic

Suitable for oily skin type and Pore care. (Wash off mask)

Innisfree is known for the Jeju Volcanic product where it has the ability to absorb sebum and cleans away impurities from your skin and leaving your skin looking clean and healthier.


Being a Clay wash-off mask, i was prepared for the feeling of grittyness felt upon my skin. However upon application, it was smooth like butter and did not feel any bits of dirt as i’ve thought.

I was amazed of how little does goes a long way for this product.This product has a potential for 3-5 application instead. Only taking a pea-sized amount using an applicator, it was able to cover my whole forehead and the temples and i make sure i apply it mostly in my T-zone area where seabum and pores normally occurs.

it dries quite quickly within 5 mins however it does not dries up to the point of cracking and flaking and does not dries up the skin. Instead, it moisturizer my skin. which i find very ironic and surprising at the same time.

After washing it off, it did leave my skin a soft and clean. Although I didn’t notice any difference with my pores but some of the redness in my skin is gone.

Bija & Tea Tree

Suitable for troubled skin (Wash Off mask)


The product provides soft and smooth substance that is easy to apply on the face. I’m quite fine with the tea tree scent however the smell is a little displeasing unlike the usual tea tree smell that i know. It can be a little drying, so applying moisturizer after using the mask is a must.

The product does claim to reduce redness in the face which it does however I don’t see much different or any effect after using this wash off mask after 3 uses.

Since it’s a wash off mask, it should be easier to wash it off like the Jeju one but it was harder to wash off than I expected, which in turn leaves my face back to being red after constant washing it.

Green Tea.

For all skin type (Sleeping Mask)


A cooling sleeping pack with green tea for filling the skin with moisture. Although it can be used at room temperature, this product works best if you were to refrigerate before applying it on. Next, leave it on overnight and wash it off the next morning.

The product has a creamy gel texture and becomes transparent after applied on the skin. It soaks into the skin pretty fast while massaging so i apply second layer of the product.

It smells like green tea with floral and herbal hints but still perfumy. Not a fan of prefumy product but it did became very mild after application.

After washing it off the next morning, the product actual does moisturizes and softens the skin, which i am a huge fan of.

It was not as phenomenal as i expected it, just ‘meh’ but I was able to get at least 5 generous uses out of this capsule. I wouldn’t consider of buying it again however i wont reject it if it was given to me.


For all skin types (self heating mask pack)



This mask is quite unique than the previous three. It is a self-warming mask that removes dead skin cells using heat and micro scrub granules. The heat naturally comes from the seaweed itself and has is able to exfoliate dead skin cells for clean skin.

The capsule recipe packs does have a seaweed scent but there’s this strong perfume shell that tries to cover the seaweed scent that i don’t like through out using the mask. Although the packaging of the lid is blue but the product itself is green, it has a gel like texture with added micro beads for exfoliating.

The mask actually does heats up which surprised me and excites me the most when using it. It does a bit of exfoliation and removes dead skin and leaves my skin refresh and bright.

I found my face extremely soft after using this product. Its oily when applied but the oiliness was easily washes off afterwards.


The Jeju Volcanic wash off clay mask is worth the hype and worth the buy.

The Bija & Tea Tree wash off mask is a total miss for me.

The Green Tea Sleeping mask does do what it says but not phenomenal

The Seaweed heating/exfoliating mask pack is very unique from the other and works very well.

Overall, i would buy the Jeju Volcanic and seaweed mask pack but wouldn’t repurchase the Bija & Tea Tree and Green Tea mask pack. Just wishing the two gel mask doesn’t have perfume scents to it.


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  1. Michelle says:

    I love innisfree products! I have yet to try these capsule masks. They look amazing!! ☺️✨


    1. They really are amazing! the wash off mask kinds like the Jeju volcanic is quite nice to use. you should totally try it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Michelle says:

        Will add it to my wish-list. 🙂


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