The Good, the Bad and the Baldy

Challenging myself to be bald the whole of 2016 really does shed some light what hair is to others and to me especially. once cutting it off, you’ll realized what the hair is actually is, it’s just Hair. it like an accessory  whether you want to rock it or not but only you can change and do what every you want with it.

Having a new hair cut really does change the persons style & overall look. And shaving off all your hair might be not someone’s go to look, it might be a scary thought to many but cutting it off entirely is quite liberating.

2016-01-27 01.14.58 1.jpg

When having a full set of hair, maintenance is always in mind. cutting your hair at least once a month, long showers with washing and conditioning your hair almost everyday, combing your hair, and applying hair products to tame your maine. But being bald, this was least of my worries with less prep time getting ready for the day and less time trying new hairstyles. Plus, washing a bare head is easier and more enjoyable than washing your hair.

Furthermore, it saves money. The amount of time to maintain is also the amount of money you have to spend to maintain it. Shaving my hair off means I don’t have to spend off my money on hair maintenance and gave an opportunity to use it on better things like enjoying and eating more food.

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Once you’ve accepted that there is no hair on top of your head then you will realized many things. The first is that you’d be surprised at how much cooler your head can get when you’ve shaved your hair off for the first time especially during hot sunny days but you just might have to start applying sunscreen to the top of your head.

However, your head is exposed and unprotected to other elements like cold winds and you will soon realized your ears can be cold its just that you never know this because your hair have been warming it for all this times without you realizing. You’ll feel every raindrop that touches your head and the heat of the scorching sun when it’s very sunny.

When you finally come in terms and accept being bald then you will know there is no such thing as a bad hair day or waking up with bed head if you don’t have a set of hair to begin with. Plus, it’s comfortable. It never gets tangled or in your face, and it feels good to run your hands over a smooth scalp.

2016-01-26 07.01.15 2.jpg

One thing is certain, people will stare. why? because it’s a memorable look, you don’t see a lot of people owning the bald look. and to drastically to cut off your hair does make people notice you more and eventually ask you why you cut off your hair, so be prepared the obvious glances and countless questions like “why you cut you hair?” “What happened?”

Another thing to prepare yourself are the names conjuring from you new look. The names like: Shaolin monk, Skinhead, Si Botak (Baldy), Crystal Ball. But I’d say own it like you own the look. the name will come up nevertheless but no one will make fun of you when you own it.

Some people do find it intimidating. when hair is out-of-the-way of people’s distraction, your eyes are the only thing people see (second to looking at how round your head could actually be). if intimidation is what you want then your overall look will come as edgy.


Some people can pull off the shaved head look, others not so much. But hey, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Worst case if it looks bad on you. Its OK. it’s just hair, it will grow back. You just need a few weeks to have it grow back to an acceptable length.

Own it like Sinead O’Connor owning her shaved look in the 90’s in her music Video “Nothing Compares to You“.


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