Food finds in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam.

In December i went on a family trip to Vietnam and all i could think of was eating the food. i mean, what better way to get to understand a foreign country and its culture through one dish at a time?

kpa9m2dtVietnamese food is distinct and unforgettable. throughout the whole week I was in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, not once I’ve ate a singe grain of rice or fish but dish mostly consist of fish sauce, pork, noodles and a whole load of coriander served on a plate.

Bánh mì

Bánh mì

The Vietnamese equivalent of a “submarine” – a Vietnamese baguette stuffed with fillings like ham, cheese, canned sardines, Vietnamese bologna and pickled carrot. And it can be custom to any toping of choice. it maybe just be a subway sandwich at first but the Vietnamese vinaigrette or sauce what makes it stands out and makes you want more.

I couldn’t get enough of the crispy bread of Bánh mì and generous filling they always give. At least everyday i was in Ho Chi Minh City i had to eat at least 2 through the day and another one as a light midnight snack.

Street vendors can found literally every corner of the street 24/7

For a one foot long sandwich It may cost less than 5000 Dong (0.32Bnd) you can buy 3 foot longs and it still havent reach 1BND! It can be found at any street vendors that says “Banh Mi” on their sign board and can be eaten at any hour of the time.

Nem Nuong Xa

Nem Nuong Xa

They are Vietnamese Lemongrass Grilled Pork Patties sometimes skewered with actual lemongrass. Not as phenomenal as the other dishes i’ve mention but a great street food to try none of the less. However, watching it gets grilled is like watching a mini show in itself.


Bún chả

Bún chả

this dish is best enjoyed during the night-time. basically a dish with small pork patties barbecued on an open charcoal brazier and served rice noodles with the usual assorted greens and herbs and a sweet vinaigrette sauce on the side.


The iconic Vietnamese food that Vietnam is known for. A great food to eat during breakfast or a comfort food through out any time of the day.


this noodle soup with beef broth with a few spices and herbs with sliced beef brisket and meat balls is a must eat when in Vietnam. The dish is always accompanied with a huge plate full of herbs like mint leaves, bean sprout, coriander and sliced lime to choose and put inside your Phở.

Every part of the dish what makes it great. the beef brisket is tender and enjoyed with every bite of the dish and the meat balls are best enjoyed when the noodles are finished and eaten together with the broth leaving the bowl empty at the end.


Bánh xèo

all i could think about Bánh xèo in my own words is that it is a huge fried omelet pancake with shrimp, pork, bean sprouts, and egg folded and put on to a large plate. A perfect dish eating with a group of people.

Bánh xèo

you could eat it in any which way you want but the best way to eat it is by loading it on a piece of lettuce and roll it up like a Gỏi cuốn then dipping it on a sweet fish sauce before eating it in one whole gulp.

Ốp la

Ốp la

This dish is like the Vietnamese version of the English breakfast. Served in a pan, it has fried runny eggs, onions, fish cake, and ham topped with green onions, coriander, black petter and chilli. best eaten with Vietnamese baguette outside on the open air sitting on a squat chair like the locals.


Gỏi cuốn

A Vietnamese spring roll,  normally consisting of greens, coriander and various combinations of minced pork, shrimp or crab. rice vermicelli, and other ingredients wrapped in a see through rice paper making the rolled ingredients to be seen inside the roll and ready to be eaten right after it is rolled. Gỏi cuốn are always accompanied with peanut sauce or other Vietnamese dipping sauces.

Gỏi cuốn

Eating Gỏi cuốn was considered my “safe meal” when i can’t pronounce any meal in the menu, so I was pretty happy to see them available nearly everywhere I looked in Saigon. From street food stalls to fancy restaurants, you’ll never be far from goi cuon.

Sugar Cane Juice with Lime.

Sugar Cane Juice + Lime =  mind blowing experience

A huge recommendation by the locals itself, this is by far the best drink I’ve ever tasted in Vietnam and i still crave for it. thinking that it would just be another sugar cane drink. I was wrong. the sour kick from the lime juice does give a great pleasant surprise. upon drinking the sweet mix of sugar cane and sour lime, you would have a sudden realization of “why didn’t i think of this!?”.

Adding Lime to the Sugar Cane Juice is such an upgrade for the cool refreshing drink on a sunny day



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  1. I’ve never been to Vietnam, but I’d love to go sometime. The food looks divine! 🙂


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