The Dressed-Down Alternative To Your Standard Suit-and-Tie Get-up

We’re a long way from the Don Draper era, when men were expected to wear the same gray suit everyday to the office, day in, day out. Then let’s shed that boring dapper look and opt for a modern take of today’s suit look.


If you want to avoid of being too formal in a suit, pick your fabrics right. A navy cotton suit is the easiest to dress down. They’re inherently more casual than the black and white suit you see in a James Bond movies, where it’s too formal to wear on a normal basis.


While wearing a suit without a tie is a great way to get started on the casual suit look, don’t stop there. Pulling off an impeccably tailored suit with sneakers is one modern style statement that is sure to turn heads.


The key to pulling off the suit and sneakers look is wearing sneakers that play off your suit’s color. A low sleek profile, most seen easiest to pair with a  color white Adidas with a white shirt.



Call it the dressed-down alternative to your standard suit-and-tie get-up. A brighter blue sets the suit apart from the rank and file. Plus, the color plays perfectly against a crisp white tee and minimal sneakers.



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