COSRX Blackhead BHA exfoliator Power Liquid Review

I decided to finally give this cult product a try.

The first COSRX is The Blackhead Cosrx BHA exfoliator Power Liquid (what a mouthful for just one product) is a liquid that helps fight blackheads and acne problems.
This products cleanse the skin thoroughly to remove dirt from the pores and clinically prevents the formation of blackheads.

Why it’s a hype: The ingredients what make this product great. The first thing you should know is that this product contains 4% BHA, that’s short of Beta Hydroxy Acid. BHAs clean pores by penetrating deep inside of them to get rid of, exfoliate, dead skin cells trapped inside. Since BHAs are oil-soluble they are able to penetrate through oil, natural and otherwise, to truly dissolve it and clean out clogged pores. They also have amazing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s also paraben free and contains mainly naturally derived ingredients such as White willow bark and B5 vitamin, which has great moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties.

How to Use: Thanks to the pump the product has, it gives more control of the amount you want. Apply it like it’s an Essence, either pump the liquid into the cotton or directly onto the hands then apply to the face.

Suitable for: All skin types, especially skin with blackheads and acne problems. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Important note: If you have sensative skin, only use this product 3 times a week as stated in the company’s site. It is recommended to be used as a night routine, apply sunscreen if it were to be used during the day time because chemical exfoliants do sensitize the skin.

While using this product, avoid using physical exfoliators and other products containing AHA, BHA (include Betaine Salicylate), retinal, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) in a high rate of profit and at the same time prevent Skin irritation.

Personal take on it: One pump is able to spread across the face and a second pump concentrating more on places where blackhead normally occurs.

There are no added fragrances and has a slight chemical-like smell — thankfully it fades after about few seconds. What I love most is that the texture of the product it isn’t greasy or slimy and is only slightly thicker than water.

The product absorbs super quickly into the skin.It’s recommended you wait about 30 minutes before applying the rest of your products before moving on to the next steps in the routine. The reason you want to wait before using the rest of your skincare products is that the time allows the product to work its magic and fully penetrate the skin. That way you get its full benefits.

Results: Overall, the product does do what it says, the texture of my skin is smoother and my pores, especially around my nose, are visibly smaller.

Whether you’re suffering from acne, blackheads or enlarged pores, this a game changer product that will definitely help.If you’re going to add one product to your routine, make it this one.


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