Just breath

In today’s fast-paced world, we are all in a rush.  In a rush to get to where we are going, in a rush to get successful, in a rush to complete things. We get sad when things don’t occur our direction, when results are not accomplished in a flash.

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It’s a race and we are scared of being left behind. The age of  achievement has decreased. Seventeen-year-olds are expected to be in Universities doing their degrees. When you are 25, you are to hope to get your own car with your own hard work money. Or you expect to travel all around the world with your lover. People are doing too much in too little time.Uld4tYr0.jpg

We can’t keep up and it’s scaring the hell out of us. If at 25, you are still it & out in a 9-to-6 job and you feel worthless. All your friends are getting married and posting pictures of their honeymoon to some exotic destination you can’t even afford to think of in the next 2 years. Time is running out; the world is running past you and you find yourself struggling to even get up from bed.

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Relax. Take a deep breath. Don’t compare yourself with others. The world is full of all kinds of people.

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A favorite motto of St. Teresa of Kolkata was:

“Do small things with great love.”

Work towards your goal at your own pace. Spend your time polishing your personality, acquiring new skills, learning a new language – create the person you want to be in future. Create the personality that will match your success.

Everybody has their own timeline.

What if you are meant to do something worthwhile in some years when you are older and wiser, but you were too busy feeling terrible about yourself and drowning your misfortunes. Imagine the regret.

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Opportunities never cease to come. If today is not your day, it could be tomorrow. Don’t stop living your life just because it isn’t happening.

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

― John Lennon

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Every time i feel like things are out-of-place and not going my way. Anna Nalick’s “Just Breathe” gets me. If there were a time you’re in that situation you guys should give it a listen.

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