Bingsu at Caffe Bene

Hailing from South Korea, Caffe Bene, the upscale international coffee chain is now in Brunei!

After seeing this particular Desert Cafe was blowing up on social media about their well know Bingsu desert menus, we decided to give it a try to see if their bingsu was as soft as snow and sweeter than cookies and cream.

The Location.

The Airport Mall (Ground Floor) Simpang 13, Kg Jaya Setia, Berakas, Bandar Seri Begawan BB2713.

It is right outside at the front of SKH Airport Mall.

Brunei Monday to Sunday 9:00am – 11:00pm. Closed for Friday Prayer 11:45am – 2:00pm

The Place.



The place looks great, Wooden wall gave a cozy feel,wide clear panoramic windows to see the outside of busy traffic while being comfy in their sturdy chairs.


We went to Caffe Bene during the day time but it would be a great scene if you were to go there during the night-time to see the beauty of it all.

The Food.

Upon arriving the cafe does offers the usual food choices like any desert cafe has. waffles, Gelato Ice Cream, Roasted Coffees especially White Roasted Coffee which Caffe Bene is internationally known for. And most importantly what we came for the Bingsu

The Caffe has 3 Bingsu flavours; Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, and Match Green Tea.

There’s a choice of size; Regular or Large.

Since my friend & i had our meals before coming we chose to order two regular size Bingsus: Strawberry and Match Green Tea.

It took about 10 minutes for our orders to arrive and the deserts does look as pretty as it was shown in people’s Instagram and Cafe’s menu.

The Cafe gave a step by step card on how to enjoy their bingsu.
Step 1: Take a Picture! #CaffeeBene

step 2: Press the topping & Gelato to the bottom of the bowl

Step 3: Mix & stir well starting from the center.
Step 4: Enjoy!

It make sense why you got to take a picture on the very first step because the bingsu looks better before it was mixed. so get that IG  picture perfect first before destroying that beautiful Bingsu!

The Review.

Match Green Tea Bingsu

  • You can actually taste the Match Powder and it taste amazing.
  • The red bean paste and bits of soft red bean chunks compliments so well with the match it gave the dessert an almost creamy dessert instead of a melted turned watery beverage
  • The sweetness of the dessert as a whole taste enjoyably great.
  • If you’re a Match Green Tea lover this Bingsu should be on you next #MatchaHunt
  • Might not be great for those who has nut allergies because it has Cashews & Almond nuts. but you can request to omit the nuts out of the bingsu and yet still enjoy the dessert.
Matcha Green Tea Bingsu & Strawberry BIngsu.

Strawberry Bingsu

  • Expecting the Strawberry bingsu to be the bomb diggity but sadly didn’t come as close as the Matcha Green Tea Bingsu.
  • It also has red bean paste in the bingsu but Strawberry and Red Bean does not taste well together.
  • The Strawberry Bingsu taste quite tangy due to the strawberry and the creamy red bean made it such an odd pair it made it such a confusing and conflicting taste.

Overall, would totally come back and try the Matcha Green Tea Bingsu and try out the Cookies & Cream Bingsu and lesson learnt avoid the Strawberry Bingsu.

How to get your money’s worth:

Come to Caffe Bene and order some dessert right after you had your meal and ordering at least one of the Bingsu is a must try (At all cost, avoid the Strawberry Bingsu.). Go with a group of friends or bring a date to try all the Bingsu flavours. Eating too many cold desserts such as the Bingsu could leave you cold so try out a cup of their Roasted White Coffee to keep your self warm.

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